Different Types Of Pant Hangers

It is in the nature of man to keep the things organized and well ordered. This is the reason that he tries to keep everything neat and tidy but sometimes he fails to properly organize things. Various such products have been invented which helps in maintaining the cleanliness and order of the house. Vacuum cleaners, shelves, hangers, racks and other such products are used in properly organizing the house. Hanger is one such product which is meant to hang the person’s clothes but we often ignore its importance because it has become so common in every household. In this article, we will be discussing about pant hangers and different types of pant hangers.


Hanger is the item which is meant to hang every kind of cloth on it. We have entered into a twenty first century and have become quite progressed so our types of hangers have also been modernized. The most common type of hanger which is used in every house hold is the shoulder shape plastic hangers on which formal clothes or dresses are hung in such a way as if they are supported on a person’s shoulders. Few inches below that shoulder shaped structure; there is a thin rod on which pants, jeans, pajamas or other such clothing items are hung.

Different types of pant hangers:

As we know that pant is the piece of clothing which is worn around the waist. Its length vary from pant to pant as some pants length reaches till the knee joint while others are up to the ankle of a person. These pants shall be hung in a hanger otherwise these gets creased easily. This is the reason that various types of pant hangers have been introduced. One is the most commonly used hanger in which the shoulder structure is used to hang shirt or any other formal dress while the lower rod is meant to hang the pants. Besides that, there is a hanger which has almost three to four rod like structures so we can hang multiple pants on one hanger without occupying much space.

Other than these, there are s-shaped hangers which are specifically meant for pajamas and pants. Such hangers occupy lesser space and allow more area for pants. Moreover, it is quite easy to take off pants from such hangers without having to move another pant.


Hangers keep our cupboards organized and well ordered. Moreover, they keep the clothes pressed as folded clothes get more creased as compared to hung clothes. Most commonly used hanger is the one on which there is a shoulder shape structure and below it; there is a rod like structure which is meant to hang pants. Besides that, there is s-shaped hanger and slim line hanger for pants. Such hangers are made in such a way that they can hang about four to five pants without taking much place. “My coat hangers” provides the wide variety of pant hangers.

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